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Why do clients choose us?

Why do clients choose us?

We meet all clients’ expectations:

  • We are accountable to our client for the goods and all possible problems (we do not shift that responsibility onto others, , unlike many other companies)
  • We constantly monitor our contractors to reduce risks and control delivery and customs clearance time
  • Our terms and rates are transparent and fair (without attractive hidden local "dumping" and other promises, which are not fulfilled after); we do not hide any additional future costs and do not mislead clients in any other way
  • Our prices are the best on the market for the services and quality we offer (flexible tariff policy, special terms for regular customers)
  • We find, create and offer our clients the best convenient, secure, effective ways of:
    • Cargo transportation and customs clearance
    • Customer service (personal account manager to maintain close and prompt contact with; consultations, help with financial and legal schemes etc.)
  • We establish long-term confidential partner relationships with customers which help to identify and solve problems effectively, to develop our business products and to meet our customers’ expectations
  • We help our clients to:
    • Optimize their logistic schemes, find and enter into import contracts
    • Find the reliable manufacturers in Italy, Germany, China and India (in our business segment)

We are the best at:

  • Consolidated delivery from Europe and Southeast Asia:
    • Groupage shipments arrive from Italy every day
    • Groupage shipments from Germany arrive once in two days
    • Groupage shipments from China arrive once in two days
      All this provides our customers with stability, timely delivery schedule and optimal rates.
  • We offer minimal rates for consolidated cargo delivery or truckload shipping from Moscow to Sankt Petersburg, if the cargo arrived in our international shipment.