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Our specialization

Our business segment

Proft Logistic can deliver any cargo in any direction and clear it through the customs. However, more than 10 years ago we decided to focus on one special business segment and we became the best in it. According to the needs of our customers and following our strategic plan, our business segment is evolving, and we are still the best. Our goal is to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our prime business segment:

The choice of this configuration is deliberate:

  • The delivery of small sized cargoes in one consolidated shipment is usually of interest to small and medium companies, which find it difficult to organize the international transportation and customs clearance of those cargoes by themselves.
  • Italy and other European countries are usually associated with design and fashion in the world. That’s why importers tend to buy textiles, clothes, furniture and furnishings, fashion and decoration accessories there.
  • Germany is usually associated with high-tech equipment of high quality.
  • China, India and other countries of Southeast Asia have a great export potential, but Asian manufacturers are still insecure partners for Russian companies. We are helping our trade companies to find the reliable suppliers and to enter into cooperation with them.

As a result of ten year work Proft Logistic has gained the unique experience and business assets for successful serving this business segment:

  1. We have stable partner relationships with:
    • Warehouses in Europe (in the first instance in Italy, Germany and Latvia), which consolidate cargoes and also can pick up cargoes from manufacturers in different European countries.
    • European carriers that deliver cargoes from Europe to Russia.
    • Textile and accessories manufacturers in Italy and other countries.
    • Network of Chinese warehouses to solve the transportation problem in a best possible way.
    • Customs brokers of different specialization who are able to clear the cargos (even consolidated ones) through the customs most efficiently.
  2. Our own facilities:
    • Responsible storage warehouses in the Moscow area for fast deconsolidation of cargos.
    • Trucks of different lifting capacity for fast delivery “to the client’s door”
    • Temporary storage warehouse with onsite customs post of Moscow Regional Customs.
    • Licensed customs broker (an affiliated company within Proft Logistic Group).
    • Modern offices in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
  3. Advanced cargo tracking and control systems.
  4. Advanced systems of customer service: logistic services, finance and legal services, partner services up to logistic outsourcing, outsourcing of foreign trade activities. All those services are characterized by individual approach to solve the unique client’s transportation problem.
  5. Clear and attractive rate scale for our core cargos, which always includes rebates for our regular clients and beneficial rates for large consignments.
  6. Advanced partner relationships with regular and major VIP clients that include additional services and special confidential business relations.