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Logistics outsourcing

Logistics outsourcing

We can deliver your goods and clear them through customs. But we are able to do far more for you – we can take care of all your transportation needs.

We offer:

  • Fully integrated logistic services, which include standard services and:
    • Assistance in choosing of individual scheme, which works best for the client;
    • Possibility to buy the goods which have already been cleared in Russia (in this case Proft Logistic is an agent which carries out the foreign trade activities);
    • Direct communication between the client and manufacturer:
      • Cargo insurance;
      • Help with all certification papers;
      • Other services.
  • Door-to-door delivery ( In this case the client can focus on his/her own business, so called outsourcing function )

By doing this we offer another quality level of our services and another level of relationships with the client. In this case the client sets the goal and formulates the most important requirements to achieve the goal. Proft Logistic takes care about everything else.

Our success in handling logistical challenges lies in our relationships with clients.

  • Our experts consult clients if needed:
    • We make research what business needs the client has
    • We plan optimal logistic solution
    • We work out the individual finance and legal schemes
    • We advise the client how to manage the logistic process
  • We offer personal services for the client such as:
    • We designate the personal account manager for the client
    • We organize the work of our employees to satisfy the client’s needs
    • We arrange open feedback and communication process to solve the most urgent questions at executive manager level

Proft Logistic has extensive experience in complex logistical challenges and can consult our customers at the highest level of our expertise. We are constantly following all market and legal changes as well as the changing requirements of our clients. All this makes it possible to be fully informed about all markets trends and important events and to be at the highest level of professionalism and competitive strength.