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Logistic and commercial consulting

Logistic and commercial consulting

All companies want their businesses to grow:

  • By increasing the turnover and efficiency of the existing business configuration
  • By entering new commercial and territorial market segments
  • By finding new suppliers and buyers

Therefore, we offer to our clients the complex service "Business development", which includes:

  • Trade Agent service::
    • We look for new goods and suppliers for the client in those regions, where Proft Logistic has broad working experience and great business connections – Europe, China, Southeast Asia, and North America. We also conduct market research there.
    • We help clients to sign new valuable contracts and to control the execution of these contracts (quality control, payments and delivery control)
    • We give our clients recommendations about existing trade agents in the country or region of their interests
    • We organize visiting of international trade shows, business-tours, meetings with manufacturers and partners, in order to sign new contracts.
    • We provide information about the possibility to buy selected products on the territory on the Russian Federation (in order not to become an importer of goods and not to be involved in foreign trade activities)
  • Logistics services and consultation: we offer the most effective transportation service and customs clearance of imported goods (we can recommend new efficient logistic transportation schemes from both already explored regions and new regions of the client’s activity)
  • Business consulting on strategic development of the client's business in many aspects (commercial, logistics, foreign trade activities, legal, financial, organizational) that will improve its competitive position in the Russian market.

In fact, we have already offered this service to some extent to our major clients; right now we offer it to all. This service may especially be of interest to those clients, who want to enter into the Asian goods and suppliers markets (China, India, Indonesia etc.), which on one hand offers to importers great opportunities (prices and assortments are very attractive!) and has lots of risks and problems on the other. Companies should know how to minimize the risks.

To find out more about our complex service “Business Development” for different world regions, visit the following links: