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1. Loading address
2. Delivery address
3. Classification code according the Nomenclature of Goods subject to Foreign Trade
4. Number of seats
5. Total weight of cargo
6. The volume of goods
7. Size of packages
8. The value of the goods
9. Date when the cargo is ready for dispatching

Freight delivery through Latvia

Freight delivery through Latvia

You can receive all information about consolidated shipments through Riga and delivery terms by contacting the sales department of Proft Logistic on multichannel phone: +7 (495) 968-40-08 or by e-mail: , as well as through the online request on our website.

From March 29, 2011 our company offers a full range of services for the collection and consolidation of cargoes in Riga’s warehouse (Latvia).

Latvia is one of the most important European partners of our country. Advantageous geographical location of Latvia and its membership in the EU is a positive factor which contributes to the development of this region as a transshipment center. The cargos arrive here from Europe by trucks and from Asia and the Americas by sea and air.

The warehouse is located in close proximity to the port of Riga. This enables to operate with goods arriving to Riga by sea effectively. It is also possible to deliver containers and cargos by rail directly from the port. Consolidation warehouse in Riga receive LCL from all regions of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, England, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and other countries of Eastern Europe and Turkey. Transit goods that are delivered by sea and air from South-East Asia, China, North and South America and the Middle East are also acceptable.

The navigation in the port of Riga is open all year round and during the winter you can be sure there will be no delays in deliveries by sea. Also in the port of Riga the trucks do not stand in a queue for loading. This helps to keep up with the delivery schedule and to reduce extra costs. The courier delivery cost to Riga is also very attractive. Direct contracts with courier companies UPS, TNT, DHL reduce delivery cost up to 50% when ordered through Riga. We can order the delivery of your freight through the courier. In case the sender orders delivery and ships the freight, we pay for the courier delivery at a discount.

Warehouse in Riga is equipped with:

  • modern devices for handling and marking of goods
  • appliances for inventory of goods
  • security alarm systems
  • video surveillance systems

This allows to minimize costs and to offer maximum favorable delivery terms and handling. Offering consolidation of cargos in Latvia, we provide additional services such as:

  • receiving incoming shipments according to transportation documents, generating reports on arrived cargos (with photo of cargo, packages and transportation)
  • cargo handling and storage
  • certification
  • customs clearance
  • insurance

Proft specialists always choose the most optimal delivery scheme for each client. The choice of a certain warehouse depends not only on client’s preference, but also on the characteristics and the type of cargo carried, delivery deadlines, the frequency and size of the shipment, contract terms, the situation on the market of international freight forwarding, changes in legislation and other factors. We are ready to build up our activities so that our logistics, financial and organizational solutions stimulate the growth of client’s cargo turnover and the client’s financials.

Wide network of our partners’ warehouses, located in different places of the world, makes it possible to cover large areas by freight forwarding and to create a flexible and efficient transportation scheme. All the warehouses are equipped with modern devices that are necessary for successful handling process. The responsible storage of goods is also possible. Upon client’s request we can prepare the shipment for transportation which include the following operations: loading and unloading, weighing, sorting, repackaging, labeling, pallet packaging, etc.

A well-organized scheme of work allows us to deliver the groupage shipments from Europe as soon as possible:
Delivery time from warehouses in Italy – 12-14 days
Delivery time from warehouse in Germany – 10-11 days
Delivery time from warehouse in Latvia – approximately 6 days

Shippers in Europe can send their combined cargoes to the consolidation warehouse in Riga on their own.

Warehouse information and work schedule

Work schedule of the consolidation warehouse in Riga
Working days: Monday to Friday-9.00-19.00.
Days off: Saturday, Sunday

Delivery schedule of groupage cargos from warehouse in Riga to Moscow:
Groupage shipment departs every week.

Delivery time of the groupage shipment from warehouse in Riga to Moscow:
6-8 days
(This information is approximate, because we plan the route and consolidation warehouse for each shipment individually, in order to optimize the costs and speed of delivery of your shipment).

Necessary information about the cargo:
Filled in application and product details

Necessary documents for cargo transportation:
Invoice, packing list, export documents (if they do not exist, there should be an issued Power of Attorney).
If you transport by air, you need to provide a bill of landing, filled in according to our instructions.
If you transport by sea, you need to provide a consignment, filled in according to our instructions.