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Proft Warehouse

Proft Warehouse – we are responsible for your cargo

A warehouse becomes an important part of any transportation service. The network of warehouses, located in strategically relevant places, ensures the quality and efficiency of any international shipment, especially it applies to groupage shipments. It guarantees the optimal delivery terms, cargo safety and savings on transport and warehouse costs. Only those logistic companies that work with heavy volumes of consolidated cargos in diverse directions and that own consolidation warehouses and responsible storage warehouses manage to deal with groupage shipments accurately and properly to meet clients’ expectations with regards to delivery costs and terms.

Proft Logistic offers our logistic solution “Proft Warehouse”. It contains the full range of warehouse services, required for international transportation or the standalone services of our warehouses.

Consolidation and deconsolidation of consolidated

International delivery of groupage shipments is not possible without consolidation and deconsolidation warehouses in different countries. Before the groupage shipment departs, the following things should be done: pick-up from the sender, unloading of the cargo at the consolidation warehouse, cargo storage, marking, packing, sorting, consolidation of groupage shipment in one truck/container.
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Responsible storage of goods

Our warehouses in Vidnoe and Remmash in Moscow Region are fully functional transportation and logistics centers (TLC) assigned for consolidation and deconsolidation of cargoes and warehouse processing. Our TLC are fully equipped with appropriate warehouse devices to provide our clients with quality up-to-date warehouse service.
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Door-to door delivery within Moscow and Moscow Region

Our transportation and logistic centre Vidnoe has its own fleet of vehicles (Mercedes, Fords and Gazels) of different size and lifting capacity. They are used to deliver our clients small and medium-sized lots of deconsolidated cargos within Moscow, the Moscow Region and the Central Region of the RF.
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