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International cargo transportation

International cargo transportation

International cargo transportation and delivery of consolidated shipments are the main directions of company’s business. Our logistic company provides international freight forwarding worldwide, import and export, specializing in delivery of consolidated cargo.

Proft Logistic offers productive logistics solutions. We deliver by any transport, including multimodal (combined) transportation of consolidated cargoes and offer services in the field of FTR (Foreign Trade Activities) as well. Multimodal international transportation together with professionalism of our staff enable us to solve a wide range of logistic tasks, to optimize the routing, delivery terms and transportation costs for our clients.

International cargo transportation

We provide all necessary advice at the stage of preliminary requests for future delivery.

We work out the optimal logistic solution by planning the routing, by helping to choose transportation mode and customs terminal; we have control over all stages of international transportation.

Our logistic company provides international transportation worldwide. The main directions, however, are European countries, Southeast Asia and the United States.

We place an emphasis and focus on our clients' success, which also determines our own well-being.

The following groups of goods make up the basis of our freight traffic:

  • fabric, yarn, accessories
  • furniture and Interior
  • industrial equipment, accessories and spare parts
  • raw materials for light and textile industry
  • building materials
  • construction and agricultural machinery and spare parts
  • souvenirs, catalogues, samples
  • automobile spare parts
  • construction and agricultural machines

International transportation by any kind of transport

There are many different ways to transport cargos internationally. The following reasons are taken into account while choosing the optimal transportation mode:

  • Routes, loading and destination points, distance between them, other significant for control points along the route, the complexity of the route.
  • Type of cargo and safety issues: whether it is a dangerous cargo, fragile, valuable, perishable, etc.; dimensions and weight of the cargo.
  • Delivery terms.
  • Delivery price: it is very important to us to take into account our clients’ expectations about the delivery terms and costs.

Proft Logistic provides international transportation by all transportation modes:

  • By road
  • By air
  • Multimodal or combined transportation
  • Container transportation
  • By sea
  • By rail

Our qualified staff will help you choose the optimal route, transportation mode, we will calculate the cost of international transportation as well as the cost of customs clearance; we will give advice on foreign trade activities and assist in collecting and preparing of the necessary documents.