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    and Portugal.

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    the shipments arrive from Germany, Britain, East Europe,
    USA and China.

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Delivery of cargoes

Proft Logistics has a full range of services to offer to our clients: international cargo transportation, domestic cargo transportation (Russia and CIS), customs brokerage and customs documentation preparation, warehouse processing of goods and handling, logistic consulting.

Our company provides a full range of cargo delivery services, including delivery of consolidated shipments according to the principle «from door to door» worldwide, by road, air, sea and rail; multimodal shipments are also possible.

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • America

Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, United Kingdom (warehouse), Hungary, Germany (warehouse), Denmark, Ireland (warehouse), Spain (warehouse), Italy (warehouse), Latvia (warehouse), Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal (warehouse), Russia (warehouse), Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, France (warehouse), Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden

Vietnam, Israel, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, China (warehouse), North Korea, South Korea, Malaysia, U.A.E., Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Taiwan, Japan

United States, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru

Cargo delivery from Germany

Cargo delivery from GermanyCargo delivery from Germany interests many clients of our company. Quality is the main feature which distinguishes the goods from Germany and our services on delivery of cargoes from Germany.

Consolidation warehouse in Neuss and strong partnerships with German contractors provide excellent logistical scheme on delivery of cargoes from Germany. More and more clients choose us to deliver their goods from Germany due to the exceptional service provided by our company.

Delivery term from Germany is 10-11 days. Fast cost calculation on delivery of goods from Germany and price lists on our priority goods (fabrics, yarn, threads, accessories, sewing accessories) are available.

Cargo delivery from Italy

Cargo delivery from ItalyDelivery from Italy is our priority.

Proft Logistic has been present on the market of international freight forwarding since 2000. The consolidated shipments of fabrics, yarn, furniture, garments and accessories from Italy are optimal and very attractive for our clients with regards to delivery terms, cost and professionalism of our employees. Two consolidation warehouses in Italy in the towns of Como and Prato, regular daily departure of trucks enable to organize the delivery of goods from Italy at the highest level.

Delivery term from Italy is 12-14 days. Fast cost calculation and price lists on our major cargos are available.

Delivery of goods through Latvia

Delivery of goods through LatviaAdvantageous geographical position of Latvia allows to use the country as a place for consolidation of cargos from Europe (transportation) and from Asia and the Americas (shipping, air transportation). Delivery of goods through Latvia is carried out from a warehouse in Riga near the port. This location is very important especially for our efficient work with goods arriving by sea. Our company offers a full range of services for the collection and consolidation of cargoes in the warehouse in Riga and for delivery of goods through Latvia from Europe, Asia and America.

Contracts with courier companies UPS, TNT, DHL enable to reduce the cost of delivery through Latvia up to 50%.

Delivery term from Latvia is 6-8 days. Groupage shipments depart from the warehouse in Riga weekly.

Cargo transportation in Russia

Cargo transportation in RussiaProft Logistic provides services of delivery of cargoes on the territory of Russia. Typically, our customers order the complex delivery, which includes the international and domestic freight forwarding. However, we also provide professional and independent delivery across Russia and the CIS countries.

Regional transportation, including transportation of containers is carried out by our own trucks or by our constant partners-carriers.

Our own vehicle fleet, as well as conveniently located warehouse and well organized transportation schedule enable us to meet our customer’s expectations. We offer high quality of service, best prices and timely delivery.

Cargo delivery to Kazakhstan

Cargo delivery to KazakhstanThe economical relationships between Russia and Kazakhstan are growing fast. Customs Code of Customs Union has entered into force and caused the growth of freight traffic. That’s why the transportation service between Russia and Kazakhstan is highly in demand both by Russian and Kazakh businessmen today.

The reliable database of carriers, well-organized logistic scheme and routes for cargo delivery from Russia to Kazakhstan, including consolidated shipments, efficient work-flow system and return of transportation papers free of charge enable to ensure our clients that their cargo arrives in time, in good condition and with correctly issued transportation papers.

Attractive prices for shipments starts from 5 palettes per week.
Minimal lot for delivery to Kazakhstan is 1 pallet.

Cargo delivery from China

Cargo delivery from ChinaNowadays, delivery of cargoes from China is one of the perspective directions of our logistic business. Major manufacturers and individual traders, wholesalers and retailers, all are in need of a regular and timely delivery of goods from China.

Cargo delivery from China is carried out through consolidation warehouses in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Ningbo, Qingdao, Tianjin, Xiamen, and Guangzhou. It is also possible to send goods from any sea port or airport of China.

We deliver from China construction equipment, industrial equipment, construction and decorative materials, furniture and furnishings, fabrics and accessories, clothes, shoes, household appliances and children’s goods.

Cargo delivery from the United States

Cargo delivery from the United StatesOur company offers various options for delivery of the goods from the United States. Small consignments of goods are delivered by sea or air to the consolidation warehouse in Europe, and then as a part of a groupage shipment they arrive by road to Moscow. It is also possible to delivery the cargo direct by air from the United States to the airport of the client or to the airport in Moscow to undergo customs clearance.

Goods from the United States are now in demand by Russian consumers; both large companies and private individuals are making purchases at auctions. We have extensive experience in delivery of goods from the United States and offer alternatives for the clients, which optimally solve tasks of any complexity and urgency.
Shipping from eBay

The core activity of our company is the delivery of consolidated shipments. This is the necessary and most sought after service for those customers, who regularly ship small consignments (less than container, LCL) or who need to ship the cargo of a small size once only. The consolidated shipment consists of several individual consignments, combined together to make up a full container/truck load.